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Main Partner

1 . Augusto Figueroa Sierra Augusto Figueroa Sierra's Curriculum

Legal Representative

2 . Luis Serrano Escallon Luis Serrano Escallon's Curriculum

Aviation, Finance

3 . Bernardo Rodríguez Ossa Bernardo Rodríguez Ossa's Curriculum

Taxation Law, Tax Planning and Accounting Assesment Services

4 . Álvaro Parra Gómez Álvaro Parra Gómez's Curriculum
5 . Juan Esteban Sanín Gómez Juan Esteban Sanín Gómez's Curriculum
6 . Ricardo Anaya Visbal Ricardo Anaya Visbal's Curriculum
7 . María Margarita Parra Gómez María Margarita Parra Gómez's Curriculum
8 . Carlos Alberto Rincón Cortés Carlos Alberto Rincón Cortés's Curriculum

Corporate and Contracts

9 . Angélica Sofía Jaimes Vanegas Angélica Sofía Jaimes Vanegas's Curriculum

Foreign Exchange

10 . Vicente Beltrán Roldán Vicente Beltrán Roldán's Curriculum

Foreign Trade and Customs Law

11 . Gabriel Ibarra Pardo Gabriel Ibarra Pardo's Curriculum


12 . Jorge Merlano Matíz Jorge Merlano Matíz's Curriculum

Residential Public Services and Infrastructure

13 . Liliana María Rodríguez Retamoso Liliana María Rodríguez Retamoso's Curriculum

Information and Communications Technology

14 . Juan Fernando Córdoba Marentes Juan Fernando Córdoba Marentes's Curriculum

Intellectual Property

15 . Mónica Wolf De Camhi Mónica Wolf De Camhi's Curriculum
16 . Jesús María Méndez Bermúdez Jesús María Méndez Bermúdez's Curriculum


17 . Patricia Gómez Méndez Patricia Gómez Méndez's Curriculum
18 . María del Mar Jácome Anaya María del Mar Jácome Anaya's Curriculum

Consulting Members

19 . Luis Fernando Macías Gómez Luis Fernando Macías Gómez's Curriculum
20 . Alejandro Hernández Moreno Alejandro Hernández Moreno's Curriculum


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